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                Sessions and Speakers
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                  You have four options for the event agenda. You can use one, multiple, or none of the options

                  1. You can upload an agenda file or multiple agenda files.
                  This file will be linked off of the event homepage and event agenda page

                  2. Create a record for each session with the options to link and add a speaker profile
                  The sessions will appear on the event home page and will create and agenda page with the sessions, times and speakers listed. Each agenda record will also have it's own page.

                  3. Paste in your own HTML agenda
                  Create your own agenda. Any content you add to this field will display on the agenda page. This information will not appear on the event homepage.

                  4. Enter a value in the Agenda Link field
                  Use a URL. You can make the agenda link to a URL, either external or on your site.